Saturday linkstravaganza


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As like many other blogs, I’ve decided I’ll be collecting links to different blog posts I’ve enjoyed at the end of every week and posting them here for others to enjoy. I read a variety of different kinds of blogs, so there’s no real theme here – just things I’ve read and liked! I hope you all get something out of them as well.

First, this post about Bookish is certainly intriguing – it was the first I’ve heard of the site which sounds very similar to Goodreads (a site I love), but run by publishers. I’m curious to see how it wil play out.

ZenHabits is one of my favorite blogs ever, and this 7 habits of calmness post is something I definitely need in my life.

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a brilliantly haunting movie and I love all the screencaps included here.

A guide to eating chocolate mindfully, just in time for Valentine’s Day (or the discount Valentine’s candy at CVS).

Adore this post that gives you 100 ways to show yourself love. And here’s 75 more (with some overlap, certainly). I’ll be going back to these again and again.

Cutest baby ever.

The hardest writerly truth of them all – so accurate, and so needed (by me).

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